Why choose Burgmann?

Burgmann Anglican School strives to provide a supportive and inspirational environment that seeks to develop students' full intellectual and personal potential. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the life of the school and take on a partnership role to enhance the education of their children.

About Us
  • The Christian Life

    Our mission to meet individual and common needs by providing an excellent, creative and balanced curriculum, is driven by a Christian framework.

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  • Learning & Teaching

    Our curriculum is tailored to meet the developmental needs of the individual children at the various stages of their education, from Early Childhood School through to the Senior School, providing all students with stimulating learning opportunities that will help them reach their full God-given potential.

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  • Wellbeing Program

    The Burgmann Wellbeing Model is the framework which provides us with a basis to support our practices and goals.

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  • Beyond the Classroom

    Burgmann students have many varied opportunities to connect their learning at school to the world around them, that are contextually relevant to their learning and stage of development.

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